About Us

Viatrix Retails Pvt Ltd., is a registered organisation in the Rajasthan, we specialised in procuring Beauty and Cosmetic products from the U.S.and India and delivering them directly to consumers based in India. We offer customers in India a simple and efficient way to purchase products not normally available in India. We are committed to serving you with the best prices and fastest delivery possible.            

We partner with various fulfillment services providers and resellers in India and the U.S. to procure genuine products at the best prices and deliver them to you as fast as possible. In some cases we may deal directly with suppliers in other cases we will purchase from qualified retailers. In most cases unless specified in the listing, we have not partnered with or maintain a direct relationship to the brands mentioned.

Our customer service centre is located in Jaipur, India and are available at the above times to handle your queries.

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